How to obtain Russian citizenship for a citizen of Tajikistan in 2021

Tajikistan is the only country with which the Russian Federation has signed an agreement regulating issues of dual citizenship. This document essentially allows citizens to have two passports at the same time and enjoy the social benefits of both states. The agreement came into force more than 20 years ago (April 26, 1997), and the question of how a citizen of Tajikistan can obtain Russian citizenship in 2021 has not lost its relevance. In this material we analyze the main points of obtaining a Russian passport by a Tajik.

About the advantages of a Russian passport

Tajiks are the most ancient people of Central Asia, they are quite responsible about issues of their nationality and citizenship, many of them look negatively at the prospect of obtaining citizenship of another country if they need to renounce their native passport.

This Asian republic has an Agreement with the Russian Federation, so Tajiks apply without fear to obtain legal status as a Russian (from 2014 to the beginning of 2021, the number of applicants increased by 40%).

Citizens of Tajikistan are attracted to Russia, first of all, by the opportunity to earn money. Many are interested in how a student from Tajikistan can obtain Russian citizenship, because education is also one of the priority goals for foreigners in Russia.

Anyone who plans to connect theirs with the Russian Federation enjoys a number of privileges, becoming simultaneously (or instead) the owner of red and brown Tajik.

Among the main advantages that a Russian passport provides:

  • official placement in positions with a higher salary without the need for constant renewal of permits;
  • lower taxes and more freedom of movement (both within the state and abroad);
  • legal organization of your business;
  • the right to participate in political life (can hold government positions);
  • military service, including under contract.

Citizens of Tajikistan who are thinking about how to make a career in Russia and receive the benefits described above are ready to stand in queues and pay a consular fee.

Who can obtain Tajik citizenship

Migration services in Tajikistan need to understand the purpose of arrival of foreigners.

The list of obvious reasons:

  • desire to work and earn income;
  • desire to invest in the country's economy;
  • studying at prestigious universities;
  • pursuit of diplomatic and nationally significant goals;
  • patriotism.

When choosing general conditions, a citizen of another state needs a long time. Of course, it is possible to reduce the waiting period to three years: this happens when marrying a citizen of Tajikistan.

In other cases you will need:

  • write an application for citizenship to the migration service;
  • obtain a provisional (work) visa;
  • apply for a residence permit;
  • work and live continuously in the Republic for many years;
  • ability to communicate in Tajik fluently and without problems;
  • absence of criminal prosecutions in the defendant’s homeland and abroad.

Legalization procedure

The standard procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship provides for:

  • arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation (crossing the border);
  • (temporary residence permits);
  • (residence permit);
  • filing a corresponding application.

Let us briefly consider each of these stages of the legalization of Tajiks in Russia.

What you need to know when crossing the border

A Tajik’s journey to the Russian Federation begins with passing border and customs control. Citizens of this country have the right to visa-free entry, which greatly simplifies the procedure. At the border, it is enough to fill out and present your passport, and, if necessary, declare goods and funds. When planning a trip, it is important to further clarify the rules for the import/export of goods in force at the time of crossing the border, so that you do not have to say goodbye to them during inspection.

We must also remember about the ban on entry for certain categories of citizens (under the conditions of administrative expulsion). You can check whether a citizen is on such a list on the official one.

Not all the nuances of a foreigner’s entry into the Russian state are listed here.

More details about the procedure, “green” and “red” corridors, bans on the import/export of products and other nuances are described in detail in our material about.

Registration at place of residence (stay)

The first step for a Tajik arriving in Russia is “territorial” registration, that is, he needs to notify the relevant local authorities at what address he will live.

Depending on the purpose of the visit, you can register at your place of residence and place of stay. In the first case, we mean a residential building, an apartment where a person plans to settle. “Accommodation” is certified by a personal visit to the territorial office of the Main Department of Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or by filling out a form on the website. In the case of “stay,” we mean the temporary placement of a person in hotels, sanatoriums, camps and other similar organizations. In such a settlement, registration is carried out by employees of these institutions.

Read more about temporary and permanent.

RVP: how to get it

The first confirmation of the status of a Tajik, like any other foreigner, on Russian territory is a temporary residence permit. The RVP stamp is placed in the passport of a foreign citizen or in an identification document of a foreign citizen or stateless person on the territory of the Russian Federation. This print indicates information about the citizen, as well as the time frame for the validity of the permit itself.

The number of temporary residence permit stamps issued by migration authorities is limited by the Russian government. It is established annually, with its own for each subject of the Federation. It can only be bypassed by certain categories of citizens who, for example, were either in the USSR or have a close relative - a Russian citizen.

Our material will help you learn more about the timing and cost, list of documents, simplified receipt scheme and other nuances.

Residence permit for Tajiks: what you need to know

After living for a year on the basis of a temporary residence permit, a citizen of Tajikistan applying for Russian citizenship can begin applying for a residence permit. Unlike a temporary residence permit, this is no longer just a stamp in a passport, but a full-fledged certificate, which is issued for five years and provides a foreigner with much more rights and freedom of movement across Russian territory.

It is also important to know that some categories of citizens can immediately begin obtaining a residence permit, bypassing the stage of obtaining a temporary residence permit. These include highly qualified specialists employed in Russian companies, as well as foreigners who qualify as participants.

Find out more about the rules.

Procedure for obtaining a Russian passport

The general procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship provides for a five-year residence on its territory. Thus, when the validity period of the residence permit comes to an end (remember that the certificate is issued for just 5 years), you can seriously think about how to obtain a Russian passport for a citizen of Tajikistan.

It is easier and faster to do this for those who have Russian relatives (parents, children, spouses), as well as those born in the Russian Federation or the former USSR. Also in regulations there is the term “native speaker of Russian” - a person who is fluent in Russian and who is close to Russian culture. In this case, when submitting an application for Russian citizenship, you can appeal to a document such as the State Program for obtaining Russian citizenship for Tajiks (as well as representatives of other CIS countries). This is a program for the reunification of compatriots, designed for citizens of former Soviet republics who seek to move to Russia.

Preparing the necessary documents may take some time, so you need to make a decision in advance. The first thing to do is to decide which procedure will be followed - general or simplified.

Standard scheme

Every Tajik can obtain citizenship under general conditions if he has no grounds for simplifying this procedure. This path is more understandable, but also lasts longer, given the requirements of a mandatory five-year residence in the country.

In addition to complying with official deadlines, you can generally apply for the title of Russian citizen:

  • if you have completed three years of military service;
  • if there are special services to the Russian Federation;
  • if you have refugee status or received .

Obtaining citizenship by submitting a petition to the President is also called in legal literature. Unlike those who received a passport by birth, naturalized citizens must, in essence, prove that they are worthy of being Russians.

The concept of a quota and what is its essence

Tajiks, like other foreigners, can obtain a Russian passport under a quota. It applies to all citizens who receive citizenship according to the standard scheme. The essence of quotas is that the Russian Federation allows naturalization to a certain number of foreigners. For example, in 2021, the quota for issuing temporary residence permits was about 111,000, and in 2018 it was reduced to 90,360. This number is distributed among regions depending on economic needs and the need for labor resources.

Before deciding how to obtain Russian citizenship, a citizen of Tajikistan in 2021 should familiarize himself with Russia by region.

The largest number of temporary residence permits are planned to be issued to:

  • in the Central Federal District - 28,150;
  • in the Volga Federal District - 15,000;
  • in the Siberian Federal District - 13,280;
  • in the Southern Federal District - 10,400.

This means that a person has a better chance of a positive decision if he settles not in Moscow (a densely populated metropolis), but somewhere, say, in Siberia, which is less populated. Thus, when choosing a certain territory for living in Russia, the Tajik’s chances of both having his application approved and being approved.

Simplified diagram

The procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship can be shortened by using a simplified procedure. The question of how to quickly obtain Russian citizenship for a citizen of Tajikistan interests many, but not everyone has the legal right to do so.

Thus, the benefits of a simplified form of obtaining citizenship can be taken advantage of by Tajiks who:

  • received professional education at Russian state universities (no later than 2002);
  • were citizens of the USSR, live in the CIS countries without acquiring their citizenship (stateless persons);
  • born on the territory of the Russian SSR;
  • have been married to a Russian man/woman for more than three years;
  • have a parent who is a holder of a Russian passport and resides in the Russian Federation;
  • have adult children - Russian citizens.

A simplified option for obtaining Russian citizenship implies the mandatory availability of certificates and certificates confirming the applicant’s right “to special conditions.”

State program for the resettlement of compatriots as a “ticket” to the Russian Federation

Many Tajiks are attracted by the program of resettlement of compatriots to Russia from Tajikistan and other CIS countries as a basis for obtaining Russian citizenship. Although the document was signed 12 years ago (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 22, 2006 No. 637), many citizens of this country still want to use it. Already in February 2021, the Russian Embassy in Tajikistan suspended registration for consultations for those wishing to learn about individual opportunities for participation in the program.

The main basis for acquiring Russian citizenship, according to the normative act, is the presence of family ties with citizens of the Russian Federation.

We have already written in more detail about all the requirements for its candidates in the article about.

Package of papers: what needs to be provided

What documents a citizen of Tajikistan needs to collect to obtain Russian citizenship in 2021 will be discussed below. Their list depends on the procedure for obtaining citizenship that is available to a person - standard or simplified.

When acquiring citizenship on a general basis, the following must be attached to the application:

  • residence permit and registration;
  • photo of the applicant;
  • certificates confirming the stability and legality of earnings (bank statements, tax reports);
  • .

Important: Residence permits must be submitted by foreigners who moved to the Russian Federation before July 1, 2002; the rest pass as citizens of the USSR. It is also not required for refugees, but they will need to present a document confirming this status.

And here is what the package of documents looks like for those who have the right to obtain citizenship under a simplified scheme:

  • RVP;
  • Residence permit and registration mark;
  • photo;
  • document on sources of income;
  • a document confirming knowledge of the Russian language;
  • a document confirming the right to a simplified procedure for acquiring citizenship (for example, a certificate of a WWII participant, etc., depending on the specific case).

In both cases, a certificate of payment of the state duty must be attached.

If there are grounds for an easier way to become a Russian, if, for example, you plan to obtain Russian citizenship for a citizen of Tajikistan by marriage, it is better to first check with the migration service employees for the list of certificates that must be provided.

Procedure and conditions for receiving

An immigrant who has received Russian citizenship, in addition to the main ones, will also be able to receive such advantages as creating his own business on a legal basis, freedom of movement in the country and travel outside its borders, the opportunity to perform urgent military service, as well as the opportunity to participate in elections for public office and the right to lower tax rates.

There are two ways for a Tajik to obtain Russian citizenship. They differ in terms of duration, as well as in the complexity of the process itself.

Procedure and conditions for obtaining citizenship

The simplified procedure implies that the immigrant has one of the following grounds:

  • one (two) of the applicant’s parents must be citizens of the Russian Federation or the RSFSR;
  • a three-year marriage has been registered with a Russian citizen;
  • the immigrant was born in the RSFSR;
  • good command of the Russian language;
  • the children of a disabled applicant are legally citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • university diploma from 2012;
  • WWII veterans;
  • children are citizens of the Russian Federation.

To acquire citizenship in a simplified manner, you must have a residence permit in the Russian Federation, as well as a stable income from an official job. For citizens of Tajikistan, obtaining Russian citizenship in 2018 requires confirmation of knowledge of the Russian language using a state test. Upon successful completion, the immigrant receives a certificate, which will then be attached to general documents.

In the case where a Tajik failed to pass through the first scheme, his request is considered in the general manner. The positive side of this option is that all stages are as clear as possible, but the downside is that it takes a long time (sometimes up to seven years) to receive it.

In 2018, a citizen of Tajikistan can obtain Russian citizenship in general if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • refugee status;
  • significant services to the Russian Federation;
  • permanent residence in the territory for at least 5 years;
  • three years of service in the Russian army.

Which organizations to contact

Where should Tajiks go to obtain Russian citizenship once the package of necessary papers has been collected? On the territory of Russia, this is done by the territorial bodies of the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Employees will accept the application and advise on all problematic issues.

At the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Tajikistan, the following can apply for Russian citizenship:

  • people who do not have citizenship after the collapse of the Union,
  • children of Russian citizens legally residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.

You can find out the latest information on how to obtain Russian citizenship in Tajikistan and submit an application at the consular section of the Russian Embassy.

Deadlines for official documentation

How to obtain Russian citizenship for a citizen of Kyrgyzstan

The time frame for official registration of Russian citizenship is summed up from the time for collecting the mandatory package of documents and the time for reviewing the submitted documents. In addition, a stateless person is required to reside in the Russian Federation for at least five years on the basis of a residence permit or be married to a Russian citizen for at least three years. The time for official consideration of submitted documents and applications for Russian citizenship is up to 12 months.

Price and duration of the procedure

The amount of state tax (state duty) is 3,500 rubles, which does not depend on the nationality of the foreigner. Thus, the question of how much Russian citizenship costs for citizens of Tajikistan is essentially irrelevant.

Find out more about payment.

You have to wait from 3 to 6 months for a decision on your issue, depending on the procedure (the simplified option is considered faster).

In what cases can they refuse?

A Russian passport is not given to everyone – that’s a fact.

Application for Russian citizenship may be denied for the following reasons:

  • incorrect information was provided;
  • there is a ban on entry into the state (on the basis of deportation or administrative expulsion);
  • military service/work in government agencies of another country;
  • there are unpaid fines, an outstanding criminal record and other unfulfilled obligations;
  • criminal charges in one's own country;
  • is considered potentially dangerous to the state security of the Russian Federation (for example, has previously participated in armed conflicts or is suspected of organizing terrorist attacks).

Reasons for refusal

There are several reasons why authorized employees of a government agency have the right to refuse an applicant to obtain Russian citizenship.
A complete list of reasons for refusal is contained in Article 1 of Federal Law No. According to this regulatory act, an applicant may be denied the status of a Russian citizen in the following situations:

  1. Committing actions that pose a threat to state security, the desire to change the constitutional system of the country;
  2. Conducting activities to destroy the integrity of the state or calling for this;
  3. Creating conflict (religious, racial or otherwise);
  4. Participation in armed conflicts against the Russian Federation;
  5. Participation in terrorist or extremist activities;
  6. The presence of cases of deportation from Russia with a ban on entry;
  7. Having an outstanding criminal record.

If one of the above reasons is present, the foreigner will be denied a Russian passport.

Federal Law of May 31, 2002 No. 62-FZ “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”

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About dual citizenship of Russia and Tajikistan

Tajiks have many questions about the status of a “dual” citizen. According to the international treaty, binationals (those with two passports) enjoy legal rights in both countries. Obligations (service in the army, for example) are realized in the state of permanent residence.

Any citizen of Tajikistan can legally obtain a Russian passport, while leaving his native one.

Grounds excluding bipatrism:

  • the applicant has a government position;
  • participation in the work of election commissions;
  • presence of parliamentary status;
  • the applicant is the founder of the TV channel;
  • the applicant is the captain of a ship (sea or air).

In our previous material, read about.

About dual citizenship

In practice, having citizenship of the Russian Federation and Tajikistan does not mean at all that the holder of two passports will have to fulfill certain duties in both countries. For example, if a bipatrid youth (i.e., a person with two citizenships) of military age lives permanently in our country, then he will have to serve, accordingly, only in the Russian army. As for rights, in the Russian Federation a binational person has the rights of a Russian citizen, in Tajikistan - a Tajik citizen.

There are exceptions - cases when dual citizenship is considered unacceptable from the point of view of law. For example, if it turns out that the applicant is a deputy or holds another government position in Tajikistan, he will certainly be denied a Russian passport. There are several nuances of this kind, so before filing an application you should at least consult with an experienced lawyer.

Withdrawal from Tajik citizenship

Despite official permission to keep their native passport, some Tajiks prefer to renounce citizenship of the country, for which there may be personal reasons or a desire, for example, to take a post in Russian government bodies.

Grounds for revocation of citizenship according to Tajik legislation:

  • withdrawal (voluntary refusal) - the petition is submitted to the president of the country;
  • loss - when, for example, a Tajik holds a position in government agencies of another country or enters military service;
  • cancellation of the decision to issue it - if additional reasons are identified, for example, submission of false information about oneself;
  • – if the territory goes to another state and a person chooses its citizenship.

We have already written in detail about.

Russian citizenship: alternate airfield for Tajiks

Taking into account all the nuances of obtaining Russian citizenship by Tajiks, we can conclude that the procedure is relatively easy. Many citizens of Tajikistan have relatives in Russia. Additional bonuses are provided under the international treaty on dual citizenship, as well as under the State Program for the Resettlement of Compatriots. The legal opportunity to keep their native passport, as well as the advantages that a Russian passport provides, encourage many Tajiks to take advantage of the benefits of being a “dual” citizen or change their citizenship altogether.


Article 4 of the Law “On Citizenship” denies the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship. On the contrary, a foreigner, accepting new conditions, must abandon old benefits and habits. The exceptions are those countries with which so-called “special” agreements have been concluded.

See how to obtain citizenship for a newborn child. How to grant citizenship to a child through State Services? Find it at the link.

International agreements change the usual order. The issue of dual citizenship is being resolved positively. Thus, Russia has been cooperating with Tajikistan for a long time: thousands of citizens have a mark in their passports indicating that they simultaneously belong to two states.

This means that here and there residents of democratic countries can take advantage of guarantees, benefits and privileges.

Attention! Both parties are notified of the acquisition of dual citizenship. The Migration Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs should also be aware of the new status.

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