The border of Ukraine with Russia is open only to a narrow circle of citizens
Today's relations between Russia and Ukraine Since 2014, relations between Ukraine and Russia
Obtaining a residence permit and citizenship of Ecuador
To come to Ecuador and stay here for a long time is a decision that is made every day
war elephants in india
What does an entry visa to India look like?
Obtaining a visa to India for Russian citizens. New rules effective in 2021 upon receipt
F4 visa to South Korea for Russians
Some citizens of the Russian Federation, who are direct descendants of immigrants from Asian countries, strive to return to historical
refugees from the DPR and LPR
The procedure for obtaining citizenship by citizens of the DPR and LPR in 2021
The war in Donbass has long passed into a permanent and sluggish stage, when periods of aggravation of the situation
Visa application form for a foreign citizen or stateless person to the Federal Migration Service for registration of issuing an extension or restoration of a visa
Filling out procedure The standard procedure, which involves filling out a questionnaire for a temporary residence permit, is not particularly complicated. IN
All I know about Ireland, Mom, is Jameson, Guinness and Connemara. ©
Population of Russia 2021. Where are we going, what to expect?
Russia is no exception in this regard. Sociologists from the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented the results
Schengen visa for a child
How to apply for a Schengen child visa in 2021
Do children need Schengen After the signing of the new code this year, regardless of availability
How do Russians live in Uzbekistan? Pilaf, heat and 20 years outside the Motherland - my personal experience of moving to Tashkent
The Republic of Uzbekistan is considered one of the developed states of the post-Soviet space. The benefits of living locally include