Visa application form for a foreign citizen or stateless person to the Federal Migration Service for registration of issuing an extension or restoration of a visa
Filling out procedure The standard procedure, which involves filling out a questionnaire for a temporary residence permit, is not particularly complicated. IN
Ekaterina Brus. Krasnoyarsk — Budapest
Pros and cons of living in Hungary
Those who left: Hungary Stories about Krasnoyarsk residents who decided to radically change their lives - go to
What does temporary and permanent registration provide?
When moving to a temporary place of residence, it is not always possible to obtain permanent registration. But in responsibilities
General information So why, exactly, does Japan attract foreign employees so much? First of all, this country
Sample of filling out an application for temporary residence permit in 2021, application form
To acquire the right to a long stay in Russia, a foreign citizen will have to acquire a special
Registration and receipt of temporary residence permits for Armenians
Is it necessary to issue a temporary residence permit for citizens of Armenia? Citizens of Armenia, like all foreigners who arrive
“Coronavirus has settled in megacities.” “Scientists: Kazakh science is more dead than alive.” “The United States, with the help of nationalists, is trying to tear Kazakhstan away from Russia.” “Drain of brains and hands from the country:
Every year, thousands of citizens of Kazakhstan choose the United States as their new country of residence.
Do citizens of Belarus need to obtain a temporary residence permit in 2021?
Is it necessary to issue a temporary residence permit? The first, and perhaps the most important thing you need to know
Refusal to obtain a temporary residence permit
Why are Russian temporary residence permits and residence permits denied?
Reasons and grounds for refusal There are many rumors about what the reasons might be
Quotas for temporary residence permits in Yekaterinburg
To obtain a temporary residence permit in Yekaterinburg (Chkalovsky district), a foreigner must submit an application
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