The border of Ukraine with Russia is open only to a narrow circle of citizens
Today's relations between Russia and Ukraine Since 2014, relations between Ukraine and Russia
war elephants in india
What does an entry visa to India look like?
Obtaining a visa to India for Russian citizens. New rules effective in 2021 upon receipt
Population of Russia 2021. Where are we going, what to expect?
Russia is no exception in this regard. Sociologists from the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented the results
Immigration to Chile
How to immigrate to Chile from Russia
Chile is one of the most developed and economically stable countries in Latin America. Wherein
How to get an e-visa to Sri Lanka
Let me start with the fact that getting a visa to visit the Republic of Sri Lanka is easy for Russians. For
Required documents
Grounds for extending a certificate of temporary asylum
The difficult political situation in many countries encourages foreigners to look for a new place of residence. Residents
Rules for entry into the UAE-Dubai for Russians in 2021
Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, new entry rules continue to apply in 2021
Do I need a passport to enter Montenegro?
Do I need an international passport for travel? A mandatory requirement is to have a valid international passport. With a Russian passport
Temporary residence permit form for foreigners in Kazakhstan
Do Russians need a visa to Kazakhstan in 2021?
Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, located in the center of Eurasia and once a former part of the USSR,
Medical insurance for travel in Russia
Insurance in the USA American insurance is considered almost the standard in the insurance market
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