Obtaining a work permit for Danish citizens in the Russian Federation

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Citizens of foreign countries who come to Russia to work must obtain a work permit or a patent. A work permit in Russia is an official document issued to temporarily staying foreign citizens, and is intended to confirm their right to carry out labor activities in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Foreigners staying on the territory of the Russian Federation with a visa are also required to apply for a work visa.

How to check authenticity Answers to questions about registration

Russian companies cannot employ foreign citizens without completing the necessary documents for attracting foreign labor and personal permits for each employee.

Types of assistance for registration of foreign citizens

Both organizations and individuals offer assistance in registering foreign citizens.
Such organizations include:

  • recruitment agencies,
  • outsourcing companies,
  • law firms,
  • private employment agencies (outstaffing companies).

Persons offering assistance in registering foreign citizens usually include:

  • lawyers,
  • accountants,
  • HR specialists.

At the same time, everyone provides assistance in registering foreign citizens in their own way: everyone has their own risks and limited responsibility for their work.
Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Assistance in registration of foreign citizens from lawyers, accountants, HR specialists

There are several forms of cooperation with lawyers, accountants and personnel specialists offering assistance in registering foreign citizens.
For example, an employer who wants to accept a migrant can hire all these specialists to his staff so that they serve the process of employing migrants in the state and maintain their personnel and migration records, monitor documents, submit notifications to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.

However, in this case, they will have to pay them a monthly salary, which is completely unprofitable for an employer who employs less than 20 migrants.


Your organization will be responsible for the human factor or any mistakes of your personnel officers and lawyers when maintaining personnel, tax and migration records of foreigners.

Services for registration of foreign citizens in a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency is an organization that provides employers with:

  • services for searching and selecting employees,
  • services for maintaining personnel records.

A recruitment agency can help an employer find employees and take over their personnel records.
In other words, the staff of the recruitment agency will first register foreign workers on your staff, and then will keep personnel records of these employees on a subscription basis. That is, the employer in this case outsources the procedure for registering and maintaining employee records to full-time employees of the recruitment agency, but you, as the employer, will still bear responsibility for the correct registration and maintenance of foreign citizens.


If an employee of a recruitment agency makes a mistake in the procedure for hiring a migrant or during the subsequent maintenance of his personnel records, your organization will have to answer for this, since it is the official employer of a foreign citizen, which means fines of up to 1,000,000 rubles for any mistake In the documents of foreigners, you will also have to pay exclusively to your organization.

Registration questions - how to obtain a work permit

Who can be denied?

If a foreign citizen is refused a work permit in Russia, a written notification is issued with reference to the norm of the law of the Russian Federation.
Reasons for refusing extradition to foreigners in Russian regions


  • actively advocates a violent change in the constitutional system of Russia or creates a threat to the safety of Russian citizens;
  • plans or finances terrorist activities;
  • within five years was subject to deportation from Russia or transferred to a foreign state in accordance with an international readmission treaty;
  • provided false information or forged documents about himself;
  • was convicted and the sentence came into force for grave and especially grave crimes.

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Quotas for the employment of foreign citizens in Russia

The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes employment quotas for foreigners arriving in Russia on a visa basis. It can be difficult to obtain the necessary quotas for a company that needs to hire foreign employees, since it is very difficult to take into account all the nuances without knowledge of the laws of the Russian Federation and to avoid mistakes in paperwork.

Outside the quota the following can be issued:

  1. qualified foreign specialists in accordance with Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation dated December 20, 2013 N 768n;
  2. highly qualified foreign specialists;
  3. citizens of the CIS by applying for a work patent (allows you to carry out labor activities only for individuals or legal entities).

For other categories, quotas are required.

Services for registration of foreign citizens in outsourcing companies

Outsourcing companies, as a rule, lease personnel to the client to perform certain work: HR specialists, lawyers and accountants, who come to the client’s office for a certain period of time to perform specific tasks or work remotely.
The client simply pays for the hours of work of these specialists, usually at an inflated rate. Thus, in order to receive assistance in registering foreign citizens, the customer must hire a personnel officer and a migration lawyer who will keep personnel records of foreign employees registered with your company.


If a leased employee makes a mistake when hiring a foreigner, or does not keep track of the validity of his documents, or does not submit a notice of hiring or migration registration on time, your organization will also have to be responsible for this.

Remember, all risks are borne solely by the employer whose staff the foreign citizen is registered with, so you, as the official employer, will also have to pay millions in fines for each employee with errors in documents.

How can an employer verify the authenticity of a work permit for a foreign specialist at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Today you can check the authenticity of your work permit without leaving the office.

3 most popular verification methods:

Go to the official website of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the section for online verification of the authenticity of documents for the implementation of labor activities by foreign citizens, where all numbers of documents issued to foreign citizens are entered. Enter the document number in a separate box. If the document is fake, after entering the number, a notification about this will appear on the screen.

Ultraviolet currency detector (UDC). Since the form is treated with a protective layer, when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, thin oblique light green lines should be visible on the front side. This method does not provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity, since there are already fake documents with such a protective layer. Fraudster technologies do not stand still.

The third option involves using UDV to check the reverse side. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, a clear inscription “UVM Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia” in light green color should be visible on the right half of the card. If such a print is not clearly visible and blurry, it means the document is fake.

It is recommended to check the authenticity of the documents of all foreign citizens you hire.

If the document turns out to be valid, the employer must notify the Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 3 days that he has employed a foreign citizen at his enterprise.

Services for registration of foreign citizens in law firms

Law firms also provide assistance in registering foreign citizens.
For the most part, such assistance is rather advisory in nature. However, some law firms specializing in migration law are ready to provide employers with services for migration registration, its renewal, submission of notice of hiring and dismissal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc. In this case, the client will pay separately for each service in the cycle of the procedure for hiring foreigners. Important!

Seeking help from a law firm also does not relieve your organization of responsibility for the foreign employees hired by you, which means that if any errors are checked and detected in the procedure for registering or managing migrants, millions of fines and other sanctions will also fall on your shoulders your organization.

Services for registration of foreign citizens in private employment agencies (outstaffing companies)

With private employment agencies, things are somewhat different; they provide services for registering foreign citizens as the client’s staff and officially register the client’s employees in their company.
In other words, outstaffing companies re-register your foreign employees as part of their staff, enter into employment contracts with them, and then become the official employer of these employees.


By accepting foreigners into their staff, outstaffing agencies take full responsibility for the registration and further maintenance of personnel, tax and migration records of foreign workers, which means that the customer is 100% protected from any personnel and migration risks, as well as from fines for migrants.

At the same time, employees continue to work at their previous jobs, but under a personnel supply agreement (outstaffing agreement).

Thus, at the moment, the services of an outstaffing agency in the registration of foreign citizens are the safest for the client, since the outstaffing agreement completely relieves him of all responsibility for any errors and violations of procedures.

Therefore, if you need qualified assistance in registering foreign citizens, just contact an accredited outstaffing agency, and you will forever get rid of any personnel and migration risks and fines for migrants.

Work permit for Vietnamese citizens

Visa Countries
has been helping Vietnamese citizens obtain work permits in Russia. Profits for the purpose of employment? Contact us. We will help you obtain all the necessary documents and correctly fill out applications and forms from the Federal Migration Service and the Employment Center.

Experienced specialists and consultants will help you fill out forms and applications and explain the rules and regulations of labor legislation.

Any mistake may result in refusal to provide the documents you need. With us, obtaining a work permit for any Vietnamese who comes to work in Russia will become a simple and understandable process.

  • List of documents
  • Registration procedure

Registration procedure

To obtain a work permit in Russia, Vietnamese labor migrants must:

  • Submit to the Employment Center (CNE) in the area of ​​temporary registration information about the availability of vacant places;
  • Submit documents to the Federal Migration Service (FMS) to obtain a work permit for citizens of non-CIS countries, if no employees from among Russian citizens have been found within 30 days;
  • Have all necessary documents certified by a notary;
  • Apply for a work permit;
  • A foreign citizen must independently obtain a full package of documents and register with the Federal Migration Service;
  • 30 days is the deadline for completing this document.

Important: it is impossible to obtain a work permit without registration. Those who say otherwise may be scammers. Contact time-tested and client-tested legal entities that have been working in the labor migration market since 2001.

Fill out an application on the website or call us by phone. The easiest way for residents of non-CIS countries to obtain a work permit in Moscow and the Moscow region is with.

List of documents for Vietnamese citizens

Documents to be submitted to the Employment Center:

  • Application form;
  • Notarized copies of TIN, OGRN, OKVED;
  • Information about the need for workers;
  • Power of attorney for delivery of documents.

Documents for the Federal Migration Service:

  • Application for a permit to attract and use foreign workers;
  • Notarized copies of TIN, OGRN;
  • Employment contract or its draft;
  • Original confirmation of payment of state duty;
  • Staffing table;
  • Letter of guarantee signed and stamped by the chief accountant and general director.

Documents to submit to the Federal Tax Service for a personal work permit:

  • Color matte photograph 3x4;
  • Application from the employer;
  • Application for a work permit;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Notarized copies of education document, identity card, permit to attract foreign labor;
  • Letter of guarantee signed and stamped by the chief accountant and general director;
  • Original confirmation of payment of state duty.
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