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The Kingdom of Denmark is comfortably located in Northern Europe and is an honorary member of the union of Scandinavian countries. The geographical location determines not only the country’s tourist popularity - people from all over the world come here to find work. Denmark has everything you need for a decent standard of living.

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What makes the country attractive?

The state has a unique geographical position - it is washed by the seas on almost all sides. There is no land border even with its closest neighbors - Sweden and Norway. The only country that touches Denmark by land surface is Germany.

It is clear that the geographical location played into the hands of the Danish kingdom. Surrounded by economically developed countries, Denmark has significantly improved its own financial position, which is very good for such a small state. As of 2018, about 5.6 million people live in the state.

A high standard of living, a favorable environmental situation, social guarantees aimed at improving the quality of life of the local population, as well as a stable political situation and simply a beautiful country with friendly residents - all this makes Denmark attractive to foreign citizens who come here in search of work and a better life .

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Work in Denmark

In fact, local governments are not very opposed to foreign labor. But only within reason. It is clear that a person without education and appropriate qualifications cannot find a job in Denmark. However, citizens of the post-Soviet space can easily go to Denmark for seasonal work. This trend has been observed for several years. In 2021, the situation has not changed - quite a lot of Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians came to Denmark for several months in order to earn extra money and spend a few weeks in a beautiful European country.

The unemployment rate in Denmark is 4.4%. It should be noted that this is one of the best indicators in all of Europe. Currently, specialists of various qualifications can find work in Denmark, since the state is steadily developing in various directions: transport, logistics, pharmacology, medicine, agriculture, light industry, etc.

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What are the advantages of working in Denmark?

The Kingdom of Denmark is one of the most prosperous European countries. According to the World Happiness Report, the Danes top the ranking every year. Denmark is a small country with a population of less than 6 million people. However, due to the aging of the nation, foreign labor is in demand here. The attractiveness of employment in Denmark is explained by the following reasons:

  • decent wages, above the European average;
  • social and legal support for foreign workers;
  • loyal attitude towards immigrants;
  • with a long continuous work experience - obtaining Danish citizenship in the long term;
  • the opportunity to move with the whole family (married couples can also work).

Labor market, salaries and taxes in Denmark

Many sectors of the Danish economy are experiencing serious staff shortages. Therefore, the authorities are ready to hire a limited number of foreign citizens, provided they have sufficient qualifications. For foreigners, as a rule, vacancies that are in demand among the Danes themselves are not available.

Popular industries among migrant workers are agriculture and the restaurant and hotel business. Jobs in these areas mainly involve heavy physical labor. Danish job seekers are very picky when it comes to employment and consider such work to be “dirty”. But foreigners from Eastern Europe and the former USSR willingly agree to it.

The unemployment rate in 2021 is at 4.3%, among young people under 30 years old - 10%. This is a good value for the EU as a whole. The minimum wage for work in Denmark is not established at the state level. In this case, the hourly rate must be at least €14.5. The national average salary is €3,100 (about DKK 24,500) after taxes.

There is no official labor code in the Kingdom. The independent Federation of Trade Unions oversees compliance with labor rights. Various social packages and unemployment benefits are provided for officially employed workers. The working day is shortened and amounts to 6.5 hours, which is generally typical for Scandinavian countries. Overtime (overtime) is paid separately and at an increased rate.

Social security of the country's residents is ensured through high taxes. The tax scale is progressive, and the rates are among the highest in the world - 38-52%. However, the Danes perceive this as the norm, and law-abidingly pay their contribution to public welfare.

How can I leave?

Finding work in Denmark for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians is not so difficult. Difficulties arise with the length of stay. Thus, foreign citizens can come to the Kingdom of Denmark for a period of no more than three months. This trip must have a legal justification - searching for work and signing an employment contract with a Danish employer. It is this document that is the basis for a work permit and temporary residence permit. The entire process takes place in close cooperation with the Danish consulate in the immigrant’s country.

To fill vacant positions, Denmark has created special programs for foreign workers and specialists. There are several ways to get a job in Denmark for Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and citizens of other CIS countries.

Most popular sites is one of the leading online suppliers. is a job portal that has existed since 1996. was the first internet platform in Denmark created for job searches.\/ is a job search engine that searches job postings on over 500 job databases and websites. There are thousands of available jobs every day across all industries, so why not take advantage of Jobindex and get started soon?

"Green map"

The holder of this valuable document has the right to obtain a residence permit in Denmark with the right to further employment without first searching for a potential employer. However, to obtain these privileges, it is necessary to pass a kind of exam, during which the applicant must score the required number of points. The following indicators are assessed:

  • Level of education. Within this parameter, you can score 30-80 points, depending on the academic degree (from bachelor to candidate of science). There is also the opportunity to earn additional points - this applies to specialties that are in short supply for the state.
  • Knowledge of the language. The maximum number of points is 40. You can get a job in Denmark without knowing the language, but as for the holder of a green card, you need to have a certain level of knowledge. The applicant must take the test in Danish or Swedish, as well as in English or German.
  • Adaptation. This parameter allows you to get a maximum of 15 points, but only if the applicant has experience working or studying in one of the countries of the European Union.
  • Age criterion. If a foreign citizen is under 35 years old, he can receive 15 points. If 35-40 - maximum 10.

In addition, it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate and insurance, as well as documentary evidence of the applicant’s solvency (about 18 thousand euros for one year).

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Entry of immigrants with a Green Card

Its owner receives a residence permit (residence permit) and is employed without prior permission to work in Denmark. A green card can be obtained by an applicant who has scored at least 100 points in the following parameters:

  1. By availability of education. The diploma must meet Danish requirements. An applicant with an academic degree is assigned 30 - 80 points. Applicants will receive 50 points if their profession is included in the list of those in demand in Denmark, or if the university from which the applicant graduated is reputable.
  2. Knowledge of one of the Scandinavian languages ​​(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) and European (English or German) is assessed at 40 points.
  3. The level of adaptation (work experience or training in an EU country or Switzerland) gives 15 points.
  4. Different age categories of applicants are assessed as follows:
  • less than 35 years old – 15 points;
  • 35-40 years old give 10 points.

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In addition to having points, a foreign worker must have:

  • health insurance;
  • a bank account confirming the availability of the amount required for personal maintenance during the year (not less than 131.6 thousand crowns or 17.5 thousand euros).

The initial residence permit will be issued for 2 years, then extended for 1 year. To provide it, you need to find a job in Denmark with an income of at least 319.7 thousand kroner per year or 42.5 thousand euros. If the income level meets the requirements, one year after the date of official employment, you can transport your family.

Work in Denmark for Russians vacancies

Special program “Positive List”

The Kingdom of Denmark has a special list of professions in short supply. If a foreign citizen has one or another qualification and has work experience, he has the opportunity to obtain not only a work permit in Denmark without intermediaries, but also a residence permit in this state.

As a rule, this is a 6-month contract or 4 years, if the strict scope of the employment contract is not established. Accordingly, the level of wages and working conditions must comply with state standards. For example, some healthcare employees must undergo additional registration procedures.

work in denmark without language

How to get a job in Denmark

Requirements for candidates to work in Denmark are largely the same as in other countries:

  1. No criminal history
  2. Specialized education,
  3. Experience,
  4. Language knowledge (in case of highly qualified vacancies it will be necessary to know both Danish and English),

If you decide to move your family, you will need documents proving that you can support them.

Of course, it’s better not to risk it and get an official job. A work visa is usually issued at the expense of the employer after he sends you an invitation to work.

There are several types of visas: for members of immigration work programs, temporary, for representatives of religious organizations. Denmark is on the list of countries that require a Schengen D visa.

To extend your visa, you do not need to leave the country; you just need to contact the immigration service or the police. A repeated work visa for work in Denmark is issued for 3-4 years, if there were no violations during your stay in the country.

Special program for foreign workers

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to find employment in Denmark. But, however, only for highly qualified specialists whose employers are willing to pay them at least 380 thousand crowns per year (this is approximately 50 thousand euros). In fact, nothing else is required: neither the type of profession, nor work experience, nor level of education. If the owner of a Danish company is willing to pay a foreign citizen 50,000 euros per year, welcome to Denmark!

In addition, there are several more specially designed programs for various categories of citizens:

  • for young scientists;
  • for highly specialized doctors and, separately, dentists;
  • work in Denmark for students;
  • sports career;
  • work in agriculture.

As you already understand, finding your place in the sun in Denmark is not so difficult. All that remains is to deal with the formalities.

work in Denmark without knowing the language

Employment in Denmark: search for vacancies

Let's say you decide to find a job in Denmark. Where should I start? First of all, with a sober assessment of your capabilities. You must take into account your skills, specialization, experience in a particular field and, of course, knowledge of a foreign language (at a minimum, you must speak spoken English). It would be good to master the initial level of Danish, because finding a job in Denmark without the language will be much more difficult than for a specialist who speaks the Kingdom’s native language fluently.

If you are sure that Danish employers need you, feel free to start looking for a vacant position. It is best to turn to official sources of information.

Denmark: work and salary

As in many European countries, wages in Denmark are significantly higher than in the CIS countries. But there is one caveat here - the tax level is also higher. And the prices, to put it mildly, are not so harmless. And yet the standard of living is at a higher level. Therefore, even working on a farm in Denmark can be a good help for a citizen of the post-Soviet space.

As such, there is no minimum wage in the country (meaning the official figure). This indicator is fixed in contracts between potential employers and trade unions. Rates may also vary depending on the age and specialization of the worker. The average salary in Denmark fluctuates around 15 euros per hour (this does not take into account taxes and other social benefits). Accordingly, the average salary of a Danish worker is 3,100 euros per month (net profit).

work in Denmark without intermediaries

Popular areas of work in agriculture in Denmark

Agriculture plays a key role in the country's economy. Dairy and meat farming is especially developed. Denmark ranks 7th in the world in terms of pig production. The priority areas in which employees are required are:

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pig farming; cattle; poultry farms; fur farms; greenhouses; field work (cereals, vegetables); gardening and forestry.

The minimum wage for a trainee is approximately 1,500 euros per month.

List of professions in short supply

Before applying to the Danish consulate for a work visa, you need to study the list of current specializations that are in demand in the Kingdom of Denmark:

  • Engineers are in great demand (and this is especially true in the field of information technology, energy and construction).
  • IT specialists.
  • Almost all medical personnel (dentists, veterinarians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and junior medical personnel are especially in demand).
  • Pharmacology.
  • Legal consultants.

Drivers can also find work in Denmark - for the most part this concerns international transport. Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians may consider the possibility of seasonal part-time work in the Kingdom - workers are in demand for picking berries, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. As a rule, the pay is hourly - about 10 euros for 60 minutes.

work in denmark for students

Working conditions in greenhouses

Working in greenhouses in Denmark is not easy. There are two options - work on a farm that grows food or ornamental plants. In any case, you will have to do heavy work, for example, unloading fertilizers, harvesting crops, etc.

The Danes accept foreigners only if they will directly benefit from it. Mostly you will have to work with your hands; equipment is not used as often as we would like. But this does not mean that you will be exploited.

What is needed to get a job?

First of all, you need to obtain the appropriate permission. This document also allows you to apply for a residence permit in Denmark. Issued immediately for one year. If the applicant has found a job in the country of his actual residence, the potential employer must send an invitation, which is the basis for obtaining a work permit in the Kingdom of Denmark.

This year the social sphere has become very popular. As a rule, this applies more to caring for the elderly, cleaning the house and raising small children in kindergartens and nurseries. The fact is that there is one significant advantage here - savings on rental housing (as a rule, the employee lives in the same area as his ward).

You can find work in Denmark:

  • Upon arrival in Denmark.
  • Independently on online employment resources.
  • With the involvement of employment agencies.
  • When completing an internship after graduating from a Danish university.
  • By taking part in one of the special programs:
  1. "The Green Card" (The Danish Green Card),
  2. “The Positive List”,
  3. “Limit salary” (ThePayLimit).

Not only jobs for job seekers coming alone, but also jobs for married couples abroad in Denmark are in demand among citizens of the CIS and other countries. The reason for this is the possibility of extending the visa and subsequent obtaining a residence permit and citizenship for the whole family.

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Documents and other formalities

It is clear that you will not be able to go to work in Denmark without a work visa. In order to become the owner of this document, you must contact the embassy at your actual place of residence with an application and all the necessary documents. The Danish diplomatic mission is considering the application. Application review time: from 7 to 10 days.

The duration of a work visa is 12 months. If necessary, it can be extended for 4 years. this must be done in the Kingdom of Denmark. The list of documents is typical:

  • Statement of the established form in two copies.
  • A document confirming the solvency of the work visa applicant.
  • An invitation from a potential employer.
  • Original and copy of international passport.
  • Medical certificate obtained from one of the Danish health care institutions.
  • A certificate confirming payment of the state duty.

There is one nice thing: the employer is responsible for preparing almost all the documents. This is typical only for Denmark and some other countries of the European Union. In most cases, all bureaucratic litigation falls on the shoulders of the employee.

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Agricultural practice for students

Most citizens of the CIS countries choose this particular direction, since it does not require highly qualified education and extensive work experience. But working in agriculture does not mean that you have to deal with all the delights of rural life every day.

Participants in this program have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in growing vegetables, fruits and other crops, raising livestock and beekeeping, as well as managing the agricultural market itself. Final year students can take part in this program. Young people studying a related profession, as well as those who are interested in gaining valuable experience, have an advantage. The internship lasts 12 months. Throughout this time, students can get acquainted with various agricultural technologies, as well as get in touch with the Danish culture and traditions of this extraordinary country.

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