Cyprus Citizenship: Benefits and Benefits

Cypriot citizenship. basic information

Cyprus on the map
Cyprus has been a member state of the EU for 15 years. Therefore, those citizens who have succeeded in obtaining Cypriot citizenship have the right to travel, study, and work in any country that is part of the European Union. Moreover, family members and parents of the person who has acquired citizenship are also entitled to obtain a Cypriot passport and enjoy similar benefits.

The most popular way to become a citizen of Cyprus remains investing in the country’s economy, despite the fact that in 2021 the authorities made significant changes to this program.

Meanwhile, there are a number of other ways to become a full citizen of a hospitable island state.

Dual citizenship and advantages of Cyprus

Cyprus allows dual citizenship if the laws of your country allow it. Contact us and we will advise you on the legislative framework of your homeland.

The advantage of a Cypriot passport is the possibility of free movement in one hundred and forty countries of the world. An additional bonus is the country's membership in the European Union.

Also, your children will receive preferential education, which is rated in many countries. Will a child born in this country have Cypriot citizenship? What other conditions must be met? Contact our specialist and consult with him.

The faster you do this, the greater the likelihood of a positive resolution of the situation. Having a European level passport makes it easier to do business in other countries.

When investing in the country's economy, no one will require you to know the Greek language. Since the country is a former British colony, English is widely spoken. Which makes communication and living much easier.

It also applies English law, which has stood the test of time and is one of the most effective legal systems today.

Obtain Cypriot citizenship

What are the grounds for obtaining Cypriot citizenship?

A Cypriot passport can be issued to those citizens who have met (or meet) the conditions listed in the 5 ways to obtain citizenship.


A person who has lived in Cyprus for a long time and has fulfilled a number of other conditions is entitled to apply for citizenship, namely:

  • lived in the country for at least 7 years (5 years with a temporary residence permit, 2 years with a permanent residence permit);
  • does not have any violations of Cypriot legislation or any other country in the world;
  • the age of the applicant for citizenship has reached 18 years;
  • good health (there should be no chronic, infectious diseases);
  • has a stable financial income sufficient for living;
  • during the last year before applying for citizenship, he lived in the country without leaving the country.

Failure to comply with any of the above points means a probable refusal to obtain citizenship.

Family reunion and marriage

Marrying a local resident is the basis for obtaining citizenship if the relationship lasted more than 3 years. The Cypriot spouse must agree to this. Family relationships are checked for truthfulness, that is, a fictitious marriage option is unacceptable.

An authorized employee of the inspection commission has the right to visit the spouses’ home, ask neighbors about their lives, evaluate everyday aspects - all in order to verify the authenticity of the marriage, excluding a fictitious agreement between two people.

Don't try to deceive the Cypriot state. If a false marriage is discovered, you will be expelled from the country without the right to return, and your “spouse” will even face imprisonment.

By birth

If the parents are both Cypriots, then the child becomes a citizen of Cyprus, of course, even if he was born in another country. If one of the parents does not have Cypriot citizenship, then the child in this case can still obtain citizenship, with the consent of this parent.

The country's legislation also provides for citizenship for those children who are adopted or taken into custody by Cypriot citizens.

Children of Russian citizens who hold a Cypriot passport and were born in Cyprus also become citizens of the country by right of birth.

Investments, starting a business in Cyprus

The shortest, but most expensive way to obtain citizenship is to become an investor for the country. You need to have impressive funds (from 2 million euros) that can be invested:

  1. For residential or commercial real estate;
  2. Opening your own business, thereby providing jobs for local residents;
  3. Purchase of shares of commercial Cypriot companies;
  4. To the shipping industry of Cyprus.

The latest investment option in shipping is the new investment option, introduced only in the spring of 2021.

Buying a property

The most popular way to become a citizen of Cyprus through investment is by purchasing residential property.

For those planning to purchase a commercial property, combining the purchase with residential real estate is a mandatory requirement. The minimum investment amounts and program conditions are discussed further in the article.

Ways to obtain citizenship

To become a citizen of Cyprus, a foreigner is required to obtain a residence permit and stay within the country for 7 years (5 years for a residence permit and 2 years for permanent residence). To obtain a residence permit, a foreign agent must provide a document confirming the right to reside in the state.

To obtain citizenship, you must meet one of the criteria for obtaining a residence permit:

  1. Be officially invited by a future employer who operates in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. Come under the family reunification program, that is, at the invitation of a relative who lives on the island and is its citizen.
  3. Be a student at one of the island's educational institutions.
  4. Participate in the Cyprus real estate investment program. That is, to bring investment in the construction or restoration of real estate.
  5. Be eligible for the Financially Independent Agent Relocation Program. According to it, a person does not have the right to carry out labor activities in the country.
  6. Business immigration. An application for a residence permit is confirmed by a plan to open or move a company within the country and carry out work activities. However, not all companies are suitable for the development of the state, and some applications may not be accepted due to the Government’s lack of interest in their area of ​​activity.

If the right to life is obtained under the business immigration program, then, in addition to the business owner, members of his family can also receive a document under it: minor children and official spouse.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus passport
This year, the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus adopted significant innovations in the citizenship by investment program. Let's look at them first:

  1. The minimum investment amount becomes 2 million euros instead of 5 million as before;
  2. The investor's parents have the right to obtain citizenship if they own real estate worth more than 500 thousand euros (previously, parents had to invest 2.5 million euros);
  3. The period for obtaining a passport has been increased to six months, instead of 3 months;
  4. The period of ownership of the purchased real estate is 5 years, not 3, as was previously the case;
  5. The investor must be prepared to prove the legality of the origin of his funds (upon request);
  6. A mandatory requirement to pay a fixed amount to charity has been introduced.

In 2021, a law was adopted on making a mandatory charitable contribution in the amount of 150 thousand euros for any investment option.

The amount received is distributed to finance two industries: 75 thousand - in support of research and innovative developments, 75 thousand - for the development of the state territory.

Individual investing

Depending on the chosen investment option, the amount of required investments changes. The minimum investment amount is 2 million euros. We are talking about purchasing residential real estate only.

If the investor wishes to combine investment options (residential, commercial real estate, own business, shipping), the minimum amount of expenses will increase to 2.5 million euros, not counting the charitable contribution of 150 thousand euros. This is due to the fact that with any investment option, you still need to purchase residential real estate worth at least 500 thousand euros.

Cypriot citizenship is also available to the investor's spouse, parents and children under 28 years of age.

Collective investing

Until 2021, the amount of individual investments was 5 million euros, and collective investments - 2.5 million euros from each participant. After the individual rate was lowered, collective investment was cancelled.

Can a citizen of the Russian Federation obtain second citizenship in Cyprus?

Cyprus position

The Cypriot constitution and immigration laws do not prohibit dual citizenship. Moreover, the local government is extremely interested in the active flow of foreign capital into the country. Therefore, the issue of citizenship is resolved through investment programs.

By purchasing residential or commercial real estate, shares in Cypriot companies or investing in the shipping industry, the investor legally obtains a Cypriot passport. This procedure is beneficial to everyone: the Cypriot economy is growing, business conditions are becoming more favorable, the recipient of the passport successfully runs his business and pays taxes to the Cyprus treasury.

Russia's position

Russia has signed an agreement on dual citizenship only with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. However, anyone who intends to obtain a Cypriot passport will not lose Russian citizenship.

After a Cypriot passport is received, a Russian citizen must notify the authorities of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in writing within 60 days from the date of acquisition of citizenship.

A citizen of the Russian Federation who has a passport of another state is, first of all, a Russian. He receives not dual, but second citizenship and can, living, for example, in Cyprus, participate in the political life of Russia - vote in elections.

The application is filled out on a form that is available on the official website of the department. Copies of Russian and foreign passports are attached to the application. For minors, a birth certificate will be required. For guardians of an incapacitated person - confirmation of the right of guardianship.

If the owner of a Cypriot passport reported obtaining citizenship, but violated the application deadlines or mixed up the documents, he will pay a fine of 500 to 1,000 rubles. If a person with a second citizenship does not notify the authorities, this is fraught with more serious consequences:

  • a fine of 200,000 rubles. or in the amount of annual income;
  • forced labor up to 400 hours.

Procedure for obtaining Cypriot citizenship in 2021

Nature of Cyprus
Regardless of the method of obtaining citizenship, all applicants must meet certain requirements, fulfill the necessary conditions, and submit a package of documents for consideration.

Requirements for an applicant for citizenship

The requirements for those wishing to obtain citizenship are simple and clear. The person must be an adult, healthy, wealthy and have no recorded violations of the law in any country.

Obtaining residence permit and permanent residence

Residence permit is a temporary residence permit, issued for 1 year with the possibility of extension. Residence permits are issued by those who plan to study, work in the Republic of Cyprus, as well as property owners on the island.

To obtain a residence permit you must have:

  • documentary evidence of the availability of housing in Cyprus (lease agreement or document on purchase of housing);
  • confirmation of financial solvency to live in the Cypriot state;
  • health insurance;
  • documents indicating the reasons for which there was a need to move to Cyprus.

Permanent residence permit is a permanent residence permit, issued for 5 years. Such a document can only be issued to owners of their own property in Cyprus. Plus, you also need to prove your financial viability to live in the Republic and confirm your lack of criminal record.

Having a permanent residence permit in hand, you can apply for Cyprus citizenship.

Collection and submission of documents

To obtain citizenship, applicants must collect and submit the following documents to the Immigration Committee:

  • application and 2 photographs;
  • a copy of a foreign passport and birth certificate;
  • documents that confirm the fact of investment;
  • a receipt for payment of the state fee for processing documents for obtaining citizenship;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • marriage certificate, if available;
  • health certificate.

All Russian-language versions of papers must be accompanied by an English translation.

Time frame for obtaining citizenship

When an applicant will become the owner of a Cypriot passport depends on the chosen method of obtaining citizenship. In all cases, there is no clear deadline for completing the consideration of the package of papers provided by the applicant. The process can last from six months to several years.

An exception is provided only for investors. They receive citizenship within 180 days after the residence permit is issued.


At the stage of obtaining citizenship, the applicant expects the following expenses:

  • 2 thousand euros for each adult applicant for citizenship - state fee when submitting documents;
  • 5 thousand euros for each family member who has received citizenship - fee after the investor receives a Cypriot passport;
  • 500 euros – application fee.

Payment for legal services necessary in the process of obtaining citizenship will cost approximately 30 thousand euros.

Cyprus passports

Documents for obtaining a passport

  • Questionnaire. .
  • International passport (original and copy).

  • Internal passport (original and copy).
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • Confirmation of the availability of housing in Cyprus (for investors - documents for purchased real estate, for other immigrants - a rental or purchase agreement for housing, registration of a spouse, etc.).
  • A set of papers confirming investments in real estate or the economy (for investors).
  • Certificate of no criminal record.
  • Birth certificates of children and spouse (originals and copies).
  • Marriage certificate (original and copy).
  • Certificate of divorce or death of spouse (if available).

  • Receipt of payment of the state fee (about 17 euros).

Applicants for citizenship by naturalization additionally present:

  • Extracts on the length of stay on the island, including the frequency and duration of departures and entries.

  • Cyprus residence permit (original and copy).
  • Cyprus ID card (original and copy).

All papers are translated into English or Greek. The translation is certified by a notary. Typically, candidates who apply receive a passport within a period of 3 months (investors) to six months (naturalization, marriage).

The decision on each applicant is considered by the Cabinet of Ministers. The applicants' documents are first examined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The financial compliance of investors is verified by the Ministry of Finance.

Main reasons for refusal to obtain Cypriot citizenship

If all conditions are met, Cypriots rarely refuse applicants to obtain citizenship of their country. However, this can happen for obvious reasons:

  1. If it is discovered that you have a criminal record in any country;
  2. Insufficient financial income to live in Cyprus;
  3. An incomplete package of documents was provided and there were errors in filling them out;
  4. False information of any kind is provided.

Thus, we can conclude that it is quite possible to obtain a Cypriot passport - the main thing is to comply with all the conditions provided for by the legislation of the island state.

Finally, watch the video from the Migronis channel about Cypriot citizenship:

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